Xotic High Performance Rods



Welcome to a world where you are able to acquire premium fishing equipment without emptying your bank account. The Xotic HPR X1 Series fishing rods were designed for avid anglers who are looking to take their fishing to the next level; while on a budget.

 Featuring patented LMX-Gamma Technology and Standard Modulus Materials, the X1 is built on the most durable, American made graphite blank offered by Northfork Composites. The rods are then carefully pressure rolled to reduce failures under load and to ensure longevity.

Overall, the X1 fishing rods are strong, sensitive, and versatile. And with a plethora of length and power options, you can be sure to find the rod that best fits your specific needs. No matter what you’re fishing for, investing in an X1 will provide for years of fishing enjoyment.

 Backed by an industry standard 1 year warranty.

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