Xotic High Performance Rods



Do you want to fish comfortably for hours on end, cast seamlessly and accurately, and catch trophy fish with ease? Then the Xotic HPR X2 Fishing Rod is exactly what you need.

The X2 Series Fishing Rods are lightweight, strong, and capable of handling even the most extreme fishing demands. These rods are built on Northfork Composites premium grade blanks that feature LMX-PSI Technology and premium Torray carbon fibers. They are then carefully pressure rolled to reduce failures under load and ensure longevity.

These rods are composed with a reverse deep-drawn frame for greater impact resistance, improved guide leg angle sloped frame which reduces weight and increases strength, and a special rear leg that is designed to decrease line tangling. 

Put all of these elements together and you have a rod that will ensure you are catching fish for years to come. Trust us when we say that the Xotic HPR X2 Fishing Rod will not let you down!

Backed by an industry standard 2 year warranty.

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