Xotic High Performance Rods



You are now looking at the Ferrari of fishing rods. The Xotic HPR X5 Hybrid Series combines the highest quality materials to create the finest lightweight, sensitive, and durable fishing rod on the market.

The X5 is built on an extremely unique blank offered by Northfork Composites, the NFC Delta blank. These blanks are a result of a proprietary development that allows the fusing of Toray High Module graphite composite, S2, and Zentron glass fibers.

This rod excels in many fishing scenarios, but it is especially effective when performing moving bait presentations.

With the ability to customize almost every other element on this rod, you are able to create a fishing rod that meets your specific needs. Once you are fishing with the Xotic HPR X5, you will be in a new world of fishing enjoyment.

Backed by an industry standard 2 year warranty.

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